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We build LED landscape lights that consumers want because they are beautiful, innovative, and high- quality.  Our Landscape Lighting products offer unique base models and cowl shroud lighting design options providing you with flexibility to create a customized fixture for your specific outdoor lighting design applications.

MR16 Lamp Lighting

Along with interchangeable MR16 LED light housing, shrouds and finishes, the ELUX Lights LED lighting series offers the flexible ability to provide your lighting designs with heat sink housing for a variety of different MR16 LED Lamps,. So you can always drop-in your favorite retrofit kelvin temp, optic spread or color changing bulb as desired.

Professional Light Features

Order Landscape Lights with a Lifetime Warranty and professional grade features that include Patented Compression fit Lenses that are Vacuum tested to ensure sustained protection against water intrusion. Built-in Insect Guards to prevent infiltration. UL Listed lamp holders, ceramic sockets and cables sourced stateside.


Free Shipping Delivery

ELUX Lights LED is pleased to offer it’s customers FREE GROUND SHIPPING DELIVERY on all orders. We hope this sitewide promotion will encourage you to browse our growing variety of LANDSCAPE LIGHTING products and see how we can satisfy your exterior outdoor lighting design application requirements.



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